• Are aerial performances safe?

While all aerial, acrobatic and circus acts carry some inherent danger, Service in The Air does everything to minimize the all risks.  Our aerialists are trained professionals who know their safe working limits as performers, and have all been performing without incidents.

During performances the aerialists remain in contact with the apparatus at all times and only perform tricks they have successfully executed many times in rehearsal, so the risk of a fall is very low. We regularly inspect all of our equipment for wear and tear or potential damage. We cannot use a net because they are designed for swinging acts performed high enough that a performer has time to adjust their body position prior to landing. All the performances can be executed over the water if the vessel equipment is adaptable and the location allows this manoeuvre.

  •  How much space is required and how is the equipment set up?

Our average height requirement for an aerial hoop  act is 3m, while silk acts require 6m of height.  For safety reasons, we also require there to be a 3m cleared area of empty floor space underneath our performers (unless they’re serving aerial champagne).

The only technical requirement is already on board. Use your crane and other rigging points, normally used to move tender, water toys and secure work points on deck, to install all the easily transportable equipment and totally modify the ambience of your vessel.

  • What is your show like?

We tailor all of our shows to fit your event vision, so our acts are very adaptable. We can perform as a part of larger event or show, or as an aerial production with no other type of entertainment. Aerial silk routines tend to be more daring and impressive for audiences than lyra and trapeze ones. And of course, our music, costuming, and themes are flexible so we can give our performance the twist it needs to compliment your event.

  • How long do performances last?

A choreographed aerial performance typically lasts about 5 minutes and is set to specific music. During ambience performances, aerialists perform in alternating sets about 10-15 minutes long for continuous entertainment. We are happy to accommodate timing requests and will modify our performance to fit your desired period of time.


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